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Creating Fine Jewellery Masterpieces For Generations

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The humble beginnings for Dhandia Jewellers started way back in the late 19th century, when our forefathers ventured into the Emerald manufacturing and trading business in the Pink City of Jaipur.

Being the culture and gemstone hub at the time of the allure & pomp of the Royal Family, the gemstone business in Jaipur thrived and goldsmiths, jewelry makers and designers from far & wide including the famed jewelers of Europe, flocked to Jaipur to get their hands on the latest marvelous Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire, that were on offer by the gemstone dealers of Jaipur.

As time passed, business grew and expanded. From being focused on gemstones, Dhandia Jewellers delved into fine jewelry manufacturing and retail, as well as Loose Diamond exports to Europe & US. Mr. Gyan Chand Dhandia, opened operations in Delhi with a retail showroom in the prestigious Ashoka Hotel as well as retail establishments in Rajasthan Emporium in Connaught Place, the hub for foreign tourist and the pride of Delhi Shopping Circuit.

Time passed, business grew and so did the verticals. Gyan Chand Dhandia's son, Mr. Anil Dhandia opened up the Mumbai office for Diamond Exports in 1986. Initially started with exporting round diamonds in smaller sizes but gradually expanded to fancy color & fancy shape diamonds specializing in Marquise, Ovals, Baguettes, Trillion and Princess Cuts.

With every multi-generational business, the business grows leaps and bounds with the advent of young, dynamic, fresh perspective that is generated by the new generation. The business continued in the direction of fine jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship and added modern designs & unique design philosophy to the ever-changing tastes, preferences & likes of the consumers.

Dhandia Jewellers now has an online fine jewelry brand by the name of which is a one-stop jewelry solution with modern designs aesthetics, excellent craftsmanship and impeccable customer service. The brand caters to a younger, dynamic audience that needs high quality form factor along with the necessary functionalities in a more holistic package. Jempore focuses on lightweight jewelry with diamonds and colorstones; from office wear, to everyday collections, to the 'night out with friends' yet keeping is casual! It has something for everyone!

Dhandia Jewellers has been in existence for almost 6.5 generations and one thing is for sure.

We are here to stay!

Welcome to the world of luxury masterpieces, designed & crafted with heart & soul which comes from our passion towards gems & jewelry.

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